Wind energy construction contractor in Vietnam

by | Apr 9, 2022

Wind energy construction contractor in Vietnam, we have full equipment with many years of experience in the field of transportation and erection of super-heavy loads.

Why need to build wind energy ?

Faced with the fact that many energy sources such as coal, oil, and gas are about to run out. Wind energy is considered a young energy source with a lot of potential in the future. Wind energy is converted into electricity by wind turbines, aiming to take advantage of free energy from nature, minimizing the impact of climate change.

The source of profit from wind energy systems is also not small. In fact, wind turbine farms in Phu Quy and Bac Lieu islands have operated well and brought high economic efficiency, expected to recover capital for more than 10 years, compared to the turbine life of 20 years. Khai Long sea wind farm (Ca Mau) was built in January 2016 with the capacity of phase 1 of 100 MW. Sea wind farms currently contribute to the budget for localities with stable sources of income, such as Bac Lieu province reaching 76 billion VND/year, when completed, 400 MW wind farms will reach nearly 300 billion VND per year. Ca Mau province with 300 MW will also earn more than 200 billion/year.

The situation of wind energy

In fact, many energy sources such as oil, coal, and gas are being depleted gradually. Therefore, wind energy is being considered as a young and potential energy source in the future.

Thanks to wind turbines, wind energy is converted into electricity – helping to take advantage of free energy sources from nature and reduce climate change impacts.

With the advancement of industry and cheaper installation cost, wind energy has gradually been installed more and more in the world. Rows of wind turbine fans beside the coasts and offshore wind farms are installed along the roads of Europe.

What is the wind energy construction process?

  • Wind energy assessment: Support and advice in assessing the potential of wind resources at the place of installation and construction of wind power at factories. In addition, consider the topography and characteristics of the climate such as wind through the seasons in order to assess the potential of wind resources at the construction site.
  • Assessment of construction conditions: It is necessary to consider whether the terrain and road conditions are suitable for traffic for heavy vehicles? As well as need to consider the possibility of expanding wind energy plants in the future.
  • Evaluation of future planning: Check and consider the scale at the installation area and related conditions for the purpose of making plans to expand the scale of wind energy plants in the future.

Minh Hoang Crane – Wind energy construction and installation contractor

  • Transporting goods to the construction site, lifting and lowering goods at the port and construction site
  • Check the working ground, arrange and prepare the components of a wind energy pole
  • Re-processing equipment surfaces to match the foundation surface of wind energy poles
  • Installation of modules and mechanical items
  • Installation of electrical systems
  • Test run

Why choose Minh Hoang Crane?

Minh Hoang Crane with many years of experience in construction in general and installation of wind turbines in particular with modern equipment, heavy duty import and export, transport, all kinds of crawler cranes. There is a full range of specialized equipment imported from Japan, Germany, the US, including: low floor trailers, hydraulic trailers, 8-axle and 10-axle trailers, 56m-long trailers with a variety of payloads and quantities. large equipment. In addition, there are equipment and vehicles that many other companies cannot meet such as: Cranes, crawlers, and tires such as: Kobelco, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kato, Tadano…with a lifting capacity of up to 1000T.

Minh Hoang Crane always ensures a state-of-the-art equipment system with a team of engineers and experts to operate, install, and transport super-long and super-heavy items such as wind turbines or solar installation equipment.

Minh Hoang Crane is not only a transport unit but also an expert in the transportation of super-heavy loads. Not only helping customers achieve work efficiency, but Minh Hoang Crane also helps optimize time & save costs from planning to implementation, acceptance.


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